Barry Masefield talk

5th May 2018 (Saturday)

Barry Masefield RAF (Ret'd) will be giving his LAST EVER public talk in an exclusive CNAM hosted event! Barry will be talking about his experience on the numerous aircraft types he has flown over a long career, with a special focus on his experiences in the Falklands war and flying as an Air Electronics Officer (AEO) on Vulcans. Barry once flew CNAM's famous Vulcan XM612, and even took her to RAF Ascension during the Falklands conflict!

As previously mentioned, this will be Barry's LAST EVER public talk, giving unique insights into the aircrew of the RAF during war, including a few hair-raising moments!

The event will be hosted by the City of Norwich Aviation Museum, but will be held at the International Aviation Academy Norwich, 5 Anson Rd, Norwich NR6 6ED on the 5th of May 2018.

Barry joined the Vulcan element of the ‘V’ Force in 1979 after flying the Shackletons and Nimrods of Maritime Command since 1964. He was selected to be the Air Electronics Officer (AEO) on the primary Vulcan crew selected to participate in Operation Black Buck, the successful bombing of the runway at Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands. In 1983 after the Vulcan squadrons were disbanded Barry was posted to the Victor Air-to-Air refuelling force. In 1986 whilst still flying the Victor as his primary role Barry was asked to join the newly formed Vulcan Display Flight (VDF) in a secondary role displaying the RAF’s sole remaining Vulcan. The VDF flew their last display in 1992 and the Vulcan was sold off into private ownership in March 1993. In 1991 Barry was part of the Victor force which participated in the first Gulf War. Barry retired from the RAF with the rank of Squadron Leader in 1994. In 2002 Barry was asked to join the Vulcan To The Sky Trust
which had been formed to refurbish the now privately owned Vulcan. In October 2007 Barry was the AEO on the flight test team which successfully flew the Vulcan after it’s refurbishment. Barry went on to fly the Vulcan as the AEO until he retired from flying in 2013. We hope to see you there!

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Barry Masefield talk